Flourishes are the heart of calligraphy. They're where the beauty breaks through, turning text into art. To flourish as a human means something else:

"to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way; to thrive."

Flourishing Quirk is an artistic expression of that process. Of course, behind the art is a human... Instead of hiding my quirks, I decided it was time to add some flourish to them. So whether I'm lettering something for your wedding, teaching you a new creative hobby, or reminding you how much the world needs your uniqueness--Flourishing Quirk is where the beauty breaks through.

About the Artist

I’m a wife, mom of two girls, lover of vintage, hoarder of houseplants, and hand lettering aficionado. Between my mom writing in cursive for everything growing up, and being graded on penmanship in Architecture school, I live and breathe lettering. When I’m not chasing toddlers or creating custom designs for small businesses and events, I enjoy painting and gardening. All of these loves and interests merged into one with Flourishing Quirk.